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Where do you get your ideas?

Posted Mar 25 2014, 12:29 am in , ,

A lot of people ask this of writers. Answers range from the snarky (from the Idea Store, where else?) to the prosaic (the newspaper) to the competitive (I read a book that was so awful, I knew I could do better).

Honor Bound kind of fit into that last category. I read a really fantastic werewolf novella and followed it up with a really horrible werewolf full length novel. I absolutely thought, “I can do better than this,” about ten seconds before the hero, Joe, thumped me over the head, demanding his story be written. I kid you not, I tripped while I was walking, the inspiration was so strong.

Marco’s Christmas Revenge had a different evolution. It started out wanting to be a short story for an anthology. The only “rules” were that it be Christmas-themed and contain a paranormal element. I based my plot loosely on a mash up of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life. One suicidal werewolf spending Christmas Eve re-learning the meaning of life, coming right up!

I’ve always been a little tickled by the story behind this website’s design. When asked what look I wanted, I replied: Use this picture (the trees in the background are from a mission trip I took to Alaska. The real pic looks NOTHING like the atmospheric forest you see on the site) abigelow green tea decafnd this tea box. It had to be the decaffeinated box, you understand. Because it has the pop of orange.

So there you have it. Three origin stories and a glimpse into Where I Get My Ideas.



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